SULA Family Caregivers Standing Committee

“Our Focus = You”Helping Hands

“The purpose of the Family Caregivers Standing Committee (FCSC) is to support family caregivers employed by Syracuse University Libraries, and by extension, anyone on campus who may benefit from our presentations and resources. We are part of the Syracuse University Libraries Assembly (SULA) and we report to the SULA Executive Committee. Support can take many forms and our initial focus will be on outreach, networking, and programming.”

The FCSC defines “family” in this context broadly to include children, parents, spouses/partners, in-laws, siblings, extended family members, friends, and acquaintances where there exists a caregiving component to the relationship.

The FCSC plans and coordinates events for Caregivers and offers a variety of Caregiver resources.

For questions or suggestions, feel free to contact SULA