Quick Tips

Carebridge offers quick tips each month, covering a variety of topics!CarebridgeLogo4

Money Management
“Five Things You Need To Know About Personal Money Management.” Make a commitment this year to take financial control of your life. This month’s Quick Tip gives you information that will help you develop better financial behaviors.

Productive Conversations
“10 Tips for Turning Difficult Conversations into Productive Ones.” While we sometimes try to avoid difficult conversations, these types of conversations are necessary from time to time in the workplace.  When employees provide substandard performance, miss deadlines, engage in interpersonal conflicts and exhibit toxic behavior, there is a high cost to the company.  If you’re unsure how to best approach a difficult conversation, this month’s Quick Tip will provide some steps you can take to help bring about a successful outcome.

Understanding Discharge Plan
“Leaving the Hospital: Understanding the Discharge Plan.” Whether the next step is home, a rehab facility, or a nursing home, proper discharge planning is critical to the health and well-being of the patient. This month’s Quick Tip provides important information to ensure a smooth transition from the hospital to the next level of care.

Advance-Fee Loan Scams
“Avoid Being the Victim of Advance-Fee Loan Scams.” When you have bad credit and need cash fast, it’s easy to let your guard down and reduce your ability to recognize a loan scam.

Understanding Business Manners
“Understanding Business Manners in a Complex World.” Using good manners is essential to a healthy workplace and directly affects employee morale and productivity. Read this month’s Quick Tip for a quick refresher on proper etiquette in the workplace.

Stop Stereotyping
“Stop Stereotyping: Challenging the Masculinity Labels We Assign to Men and Boys.” In recognition of National Men’s Health Month, this month’s Quick Tip discusses some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings masculine labels and associated assumptions can create.

“What Everyone Should Know About Medicare.” If you are about to turn 65, you will soon be eligible for Medicare. This month’s Quick Tip answers some of the most common questions about Medicare.

Helping your Child Plan for Their Future
“Helping Your Child Decide What To Do After High School.” As a parent, you can play an active role in helping your child plan for their future. This month’s Quick Tip gives you some helpful tips.

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