Culture of Wellness

Photo: WellnessWe can all create a campus culture that promotes health and wellness through healthy lifestyles!  Here are some tips and resources that you can use to create a culture of wellness!

These tips contribute to a healthy work experience:

  • Participate in wellness activities offered by the Syracuse University Wellness Initiative
  • Join the wellness email distribution list by going to and receive the latest information and programs
  • Meet your Wellness Champion. Don’t have one in your department/area? Consider joining the Wellness Champion Network
  • Create a comfortable workspace by requesting an ergonomic evaluation
  • Take stretch and water breaks to stay energized throughout the day
  • Bring a healthy lunch from home or choose a healthy option when eating out
  • Bond with your coworkers and colleagues over a healthy lunch or walk
  • Support the Tobacco-and-Smoke-Free Policy
  • Share the wellness tips you receive in the workplace with your family and friends

Additional tips and resources:

Healthy Habits at Work:

There are so many opportunities to incorporate health and wellness into our daily lives and especially at work—where we spend a good portion of our time. Use the Healthy Habits at Work page for tips and ideas of how to infuse more healthy habits into your workday.

Encourage healthy meetings:

Our physical and social environments have a big impact on our health and safety.  Our work enivronment shapes many of the choices we make and can either support or hinder efforts to eat well and be active on a daily basis.  See our Eat, Meet, and Move Well [PDF] brochure for healthy meeting guidelines! (Feel free to email wellness to request a hard copy of the brochure).

Supporting Faculty and Staff Wellness:

Supervisors, managers, and directors are uniquely positioned to help create a safe and healthy work environment by creating a culture of wellness within their departments and for supporting staff who want to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles.  View our Toolkit for Supervisors, Managers and Directors [PDF] for ideas and resources to help create a culture of wellness in your department!

Nursing mothers lactation spaces:

Syracuse University provides a number of lactation rooms to support nursing mothers returning to work, school, or campus. Each room offers a clean, secure, and private space for women who need to express milk during their time on-campus. See lactation space details.