Wellness Prize Winners

All faculty and staff that participate in our wellness programs “win” by improving their health and well-being, but it is an added perk to win an amazing prize!

Nutrition Month Weekly Quizzes, Spring 2018

Stress Buster Challenge, Spring 2018

More Stress Buster Challenge winners include

  • Ellen Hobbs: Regal movie tickets!
  • Margaret Butler, Julia Chambers, Karen Cherebin, Krista Kennedy, Jody Kenney, Amy Maye, Abigail McNeal-Harris, Susan Parks, Maryanne Patulski, Jacqueline Radell, Patricia Riley, Meredith Smith, Margaret Voss, Thomas Crowell: Free 16 ounce coffee/tea coupon!

Attitude of Gratitude Challenge, Fall 2017

Ginny Grieb, Cynthia Murray, Camille Donabella, Rebecca Shaffer Mannion and Kristen Krause: Winners of the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge gift basket!

Photo: gratitude gift basket

Summer Walking Programs, Summer 2017