Wellness Champion toolkit

Wellness Champions are all about working toward achieving a healthy, balanced workplace culture, providing department support, and serving as role models. You are the eyes and ears of health in the workplace.
This page is designed to offer tips, links and resources to help you increase awareness, visibility and participation in wellness programs and opportunities in your department!

One of the best ways to promote programs, events and other wellness information is by creating a wellness display/bulletin board.  All Wellness Champions will be given the embody logo header for their wellness display/bulletin board. You will also be provided with program and event flyers, additional printable tips and resources and recipe of the month to display!

Example bulletin board display
Wellness Bulletin Board


Current programs and event flyers:

Weight Watchers promotion

Wellness Champion promotion


Suggestion box

More to come fall 2017

Additional tips and resources:

Why the New Year is a Great Time to Set New Goals

Yoga Seeds (Healthy Monday offering coming this Spring)

35 Healthy Snack Ideas

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation

You CAN find time for Exercise

How To Make Refrigerator Oatmeal

Healthy Monday poster

Carebridge monthly quick tip:

Building Resiliency

Recipe of the month:

Corn and Black Bean Burrito


Working together we can create a healthier campus community!