1,500 Jumping Jack Challenge

Jump for your heart health

Jumping jacks, you say? That’s right! Jumping jacks can improve heart health. Jumping jacks combine cardiovascular conditioning with strength work. Not only do they get your heart rate up to strengthen your heart and boost endurance, they also tone the muscles of the core, shoulders, calves, and inner and outer thighs.

Feb 8-27—that’s 20 days, 1,500 jumping jacks!

Faculty and staff are invited to join the 1,500 Jumping Jack Challenge to improve cardiovascular fitness and build strength. The goal is to achieve a total of 1,500 jumping jacks by the end of the challenge. Go at your own pace and set up a plan for success (instead of focusing on a significant number like 1,500, focus on doing 75 jumping jacks a day). The challenge will take place via Microsoft Teams Group: 1500-Jumping Jack Challenge.

This jumping jack challenge is suitable for all levels of fitness, there are various types of jumping jacks that you can do to make it even more or less challenging as your body allows! Various days throughout each week, Kim DeStefano will share demo videos of jumping jack variations that you can choose to include in your 1,500 jumping jacks.

How to perform standard jumping jacks

  1. Stand on a slip-free surface.
  2. Begin with feet hip-width apart, arms resting at the sides of the body.
  3. Jump the feet laterally, simultaneously arching the arms upwards to bring the hands over the top of the head (keep the core engaged to prevent injury to the back).
  4. Immediately jump the feet back to hip-width, returning the arms to the sides of the body.
  5. Repeat immediately until desired number of reps are performed.