THRIVE! A well-being series by Northbound

Make the move from surviving – to THRIVING!

With full calendars, overflowing inboxes, and non-stop notifications buzzing on our cellphones, it seems we are living in the age of overwhelm. In the pursuit of getting through our to-do lists, many of us are leaving our happiness and well-being to chance and as a destination that lives at the end of our desired successes. But over two decades of research in the field of positive psychology show that we have this formula backwards.

Join Jaime Weisberg, owner of Northbound for this 12-part well-being series*. Jaime will break down the science of well-being and the key elements known to increase happiness, combat overwhelm, and move us from simply surviving — to THRIVING! Each session will include practical and research backed strategies to build resilience in the face of our modern-day stressors and flourish amidst the busyness.

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Working with Worry

July 21 (noon—1 p.m.): Register
July 22 (1—2 p.m.): Register

Although worrying often carries a negative connotation, it plays a crucial role in our well-being and is part of our hard wiring. Worry is actually a beneficial emotion but when it becomes excessive or long term, can negatively impact your mental and physical health.

In this session, we will look at the evolutionary role of worry, how its tied to problem solving and learn strategies to work with worry before it becomes consuming.

Real Time Resilience

July 28 (noon—1 p.m.): Register
July 29 (1—2 p.m.): Register

Resilience is our ability to bounce back from adversity and grow from challenges. As humans, we are a resilient species. But there are ways that we can enhance our resilience, learn to better tackle challenges, and even thrive amidst extreme difficulties.

In this session, we will reflect on our personal resilience narratives, look at tools to build our resilience muscle and strengthen the ability to handle what comes our way.

*Although concepts of each of the 12 parts will build upon one another throughout the series, each session is also meant to stand on its own and attendees can join in at any time.

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