Supervisor Toolkit

As a supervisor, you have a unique opportunity to create a wellness culture within your area—and the Wellness Initiative can support you in those efforts. This page is designed to provide you with the information and resources needed to support faculty and staff well-being. You have a great influence on the extent to which any member of your team engages or does not engage with wellness opportunities on campus.

In addition to providing information through the toolkit, an in-person workshop is available to supervisors. The workshop gives an overview of wellness needs at Syracuse University, discusses the importance of supervisors promoting wellness and provides hands-on activities to empower leaders to create a healthy department.

Workshops and programs

The Syracuse University Wellness Initiative offers a variety of health and well-being workshops and programs to faculty and staff. Our workshops and programs allow the flexibility to choose individuals’ way to well-being, focusing on the goals that are most important to them. From monthly workshops to series to challenges, we are committed to supporting an environment that helps faculty and staff be their healthiest, best self.

Soar into wellness: attend a variety of interactive, fun workshops

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Play along: participate in challenges and quizzes

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Take action: join a behavior change program

WorkLife benefits and resources

Syracuse University offers a variety of resources and support to help faculty and staff achieve an effective balance between the demands of work and the commitments and concerns of personal life. Valuable resources are available to help eligible members of the Syracuse University community succeed on-and off-campus.

Carebridge offers integrated, accessible, confidential support and resources.

Care dot com logo offers unlimited access to the world’s largest network of caregivers.