Community Tobacco Cessation Resources

Are you ready to quit smoking or using tobacco? Here are some popular resources that have helped many smokers and tobacco users take that first step.

  • Central New York Regional Center for Tobacco Health Systems: Resource list [PDF]
  • 1-800-QuitNow a free telephone service that will link callers to a trained quit coach in their area to help them quit tobacco.
  • NYS QuitLine NYS residents are eligible for 2 weeks of nicotine patch as well as unlimited coaching calls to assist them in their quit process. 1.866.NY.QUITS (1.866.697.8487)
  • Quit for Life® a program of the American Cancer Society
  • Quitter in You a program of the American Lung Association
  • Become an Ex a national campaign launched in 2008 by the National Alliance for Tobacco Cessation.  Smokers can create personalized quit plans.
  • My Last Dip a web-based, smokeless tobacco cessation resource
  • a research study funded by the National Cancer Institute and led by the Oregon Research Institute offering assistance to smokeless tobacco users. Participants receive quitting assistance and are asked to complete research questionnaires on-line to help evaluate the program.
  • Zombie Smokeout a mobile app to keep your hands busy while a smoking craving passes
  • QuitDay
  • American Lung Association
  • Great Start a free program for pregnant smokers who want to quit sponsored by the American Legacy Foundation.
  • QuitNet a web-based cessation program operated in association with Boston University’s School of Public Health.