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Carebridge can help!

From time to time, we all feel stress in our lives. Whether celebrating exciting occasions, dealing with difficult situations, or simply struggling with day-to-day challenges, stress can leave us feeling physically tired and emotionally drained. View the stress management resources below and contact Carebridge directly if you need help.

Carebridge is available 24/7/365 and provides face-to-face or telephonic consultations with a professional behavioral health clinician skilled in your area of concern. Your EAP clinician can help you identify stress triggers and create a plan to help you manage your stress.

In addition, Carebridge can support you with a variety of life management resources. You can talk to experts in the areas of child care/parenting, eldercare, money management, college planning, and relocation and receive personalized resources and referrals.

Contact Carebridge at any time by calling 800.437.0911 or emailing clientservice@carebridge.com. For online services logon to www.myliferesource.com.