Wellness Champions Roles and Responsibilities

The University Wellness Initiative supports the health and wellness of Syracuse University faculty and staff by providing them with programs and resources to make healthy choices, and by fostering a culture of wellness. By promoting wellness within their departments, Wellness Champions are an integral part of this initiative.


  • Liaison – between the Wellness Initiative and individual departments. “Go-to” wellness person for department.
  • Motivator – engage employees to be healthy and to effectively manage work-life balance, through on campus programs and awareness.
  • Promoter – of wellness programs and activities
  • Recruiter – of faculty and staff to participate in programs and activities. Set a recruitment goal for each program or event.
  • Role Model – by making healthy lifestyle choices and maintaining work-life balance.
  • Supporter – of Wellness Initiative efforts and offer volunteer time, if possible.


  • Promote wellness programs and activities and share communications:
    • Post flyers and share emails to a distribution list of people in your department
    • Reserve a “Wellness Message” in staff meetings
    • Create a wellness bulletin board in your area and keep up to date
    • Encourage staff to check out the Wellness website regularly (be familiar with the site yourself)
  • Attend Wellness Champion meetings.
  • Solicit feedback from coworkers/participants for process and program improvement. Communicate successes, updates and information to the Wellness Team.
  • Participate in wellness programs and activities each year.
  • Identify potential ideas, strategies, and programs for enhancing wellness and a healthy culture within your department.
    • Initiate walking groups at lunch/breaks
    • Encourage stretch breaks throughout the day
    • Post healthy nutrition messages in lunchrooms or break rooms