Wellness Champions

Working together to create a healthier campus community

The University Wellness Initiative supports the health and wellness of Syracuse University faculty and staff by providing them with programs and resources to make healthy choices, and by fostering a culture of wellness. By promoting wellness within their departments, Wellness Champions are an integral part of this initiative.

Have fun, help motivate and inform your department or area about the many wellness opportunities that are available to faculty and staff at Syracuse University.

What is the Wellness Champion Network?

The Network is designed to increase awareness, visibility and participation in wellness programs and opportunities as well as providing grassroots support.

By promoting wellness within their departments and leading by example through their enthusiastic commitment to wellness, Wellness Champions are integral to the success of the University Wellness Initiative.

  • Do you have an interest in health and wellness?
  • Do you want to inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you want to be part of the team to create a healthier campus community?
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Be part of the team to create a healthy work environment and community at SU!

What is the wellness champion role?

The Wellness Champion is a liaison between University Wellness Initiative and individual departments. They actively promote activities and events and provide feedback on those activities and events. The role is voluntary.

For more information, please see Roles and Responsibilities.