“Fitness and nutrition is an important part of my life.”

I’ve been going to Weight Watchers (WW) for five years. Although I have several good daily habits, I enjoy challenges like the 10-Minute Challenge because it helps me refocus and think about wellness from a different perspective. Lots of small healthy habits can add up to one healthy lifestyle.

During the Challenge, I was committed to tracking my food on the WW app. I also wear an Up24 fitness band, and was committed to tracking my workouts. The fitness app syncs with the WW app – even a 10-minute walk earns me two WW activity points. My weekly goal is 40 – during Week One, I earned 75 fitness points and during Week Two, I earned 73. Since March, I’ve tried several new exercise classes, and continue to participate weekly: private-instruction Pilates, Aqua Spin, Aqua Yoga, Aqua Fusion, Aqua Barre, Aqua Pilates, Aqua Circuit, and the SkyFit class at the SkyZone trampoline park (that one was extremely challenging!). I drink 64 ounces of water daily.

As a staff, we coordinated two health & wellness events for alumni – a kids cooking class at Wegmans in Alexandria, VA and an adult alumni workout, a TRX Super Circuit. We have two fitness-focused events on our event schedule for spring 2017.

I commute from Baltimore to DC, 40 miles each way, and am in my car at least three hours daily. The commute is challenging physically and mentally which is why fitness and nutrition is an important part of my life.