Wellness Prize Winners

All faculty and staff that participate in our wellness programs “win” by improving their health and well-being, but it is an added perk to win an amazing prize!

Get Your Z’s On, Summer 2019

Sugar Savvy Challenge, Spring 2019

Kindness in Action Challenge, Fall 2018

Kindness basket winner:

Regal movie ticket winners:

Lisa Liparulo, Yudaisy Salomon Sargenton, and Jessica Whitley

Kind Bar winners:

Mary Kate Lee, Carrie Giovinazzo, Susan Dean, Joyce Wallace, Kathleen Forrest and Melissa Vaillancourt

31-Days of Gratitude, Summer 2018

Summer Healthy YOU Bingo, Summer 2018

The five winners of the Live Well Now Journal were: Marlene Rommevaux, Lori Richards, Betsy Henderson, Sarah Kondrk and Mary Anagnost!

Nutrition Month Weekly Quizzes, Spring 2018

Stress Buster Challenge, Spring 2018

More Stress Buster Challenge winners include:

  • Ellen Hobbs: Regal movie tickets!
  • Margaret Butler, Julia Chambers, Karen Cherebin, Krista Kennedy, Jody Kenney, Amy Maye, Abigail McNeal-Harris, Susan Parks, Maryanne Patulski, Jacqueline Radell, Patricia Riley, Meredith Smith, Margaret Voss, Thomas Crowell: Free 16 ounce coffee/tea coupon!

Attitude of Gratitude Challenge, Fall 2017

Ginny Grieb, Cynthia Murray, Camille Donabella, Rebecca Shaffer Mannion and Kristen Krause: Winners of the Attitude of Gratitude Challenge gift basket!

Photo: gratitude gift basket

Summer Walking Programs, Summer 2017