Creating a Wellness Display/Bulletin Board


Creating awareness for a variety of wellness-related opportunities both on and off-campus as well as designating a “hub” within your department for wellness announcements and resources for faculty and staff.

The set-up

The best placement for bulletin boards are throughout faculty/staff areas (lunch rooms, break rooms, and announcement locations). If possible, place near copy machine, water cooler, or near your work station so co-workers can direct questions to you as their Wellness Champion.

Potential board content

  • Header: Syracuse University Wellness Initiative logo
  • Subscribe to our email list postcard
  • Program flyers you receive, information about upcoming events and encourage
  • Toolkit resources and materials (*New content will be available each month!)
  • Healthy Recipe of the Month (in toolkit)
  • Suggestion area (then pass the ideas to us!)
  • Trigger messages: Short statements to highlight pertinent information
    Examples: “Your health & safety matter”, or “Have you seen your doctor lately?”or “Don’t forget to breathe deeply today!”
  • Positive/Encouraging messaging
    Examples: Enjoy your day! One day at a time

Always keep the content fresh and current!