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Caregiving Support Services

More than one in six employees in North America spend approximately 20 hours a week providing assistance of some kind to a friend or relative. Caring for an elderly relative can be a challenge – emotionally, physically, and financially. Concerns can easily overflow into the workday. Carebridge Eldercare Services are available to assist employees in finding needed resources for their loved ones. Whether they are looking for home health services, assisted living or nursing homes, transportation to medical appointments, or caregiver support groups, our trained, compassionate specialists can provide helpful information.

Communicating Effectively with the Elderly

As a person grows older, they experience changes in hearing, sight, and cognitive ability. These changes can often make it difficult for the caregiver to communicate and engage with the elderly person. Below is a list of some common health impairments, as well as some helpful tips and techniques that can help build a better and stronger, caring environment.

View Communicating Effectively with the Elderly [PDF]

Caregiver Burnout

People today are feeling tremendous pressure to “do it all,” taking care of children and aging parents while maintaining career and home. Learn the causes of and ways to prevent caregiver burnout.

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Eldercare Services

Caring for a loved one comes with rewards and challenges. There’s often not enough time in the day for working adults to manage all aspects of their busy lives including work, personal, and caregiving responsibilities. However, you are not alone if you are the primary caretaker for an elderly or disabled family member.

Carebridge Eldercare Services are available to assist you. You have unlimited access to confidential consultations with experts. Resources and referrals in the following areas can also help you find the right care for your loved one.

Assisted Living  | Home Health Care  | Adult Day Care  | Hospice  | Elder Law  | Alzheimer’s/Dementia  | Estate Planning  | Support Groups