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Looking for monthly tips on pertinent WorkLife topics to help you successfully manage life outside of work? Bookmark this page! This month’s feature is:

Respect in the Workplace

We all want to come to work knowing that each of us is respected and valued. A workplace that promotes respect and good manners enhances morale, creates inclusiveness, and drives productivity. Each of us has a responsibility of looking inward to examine how we contribute to a courteous workplace. We also have a responsibility to identify behaviors that might have an opposite effect and to replace them with more respectful practices.

Practicing Business Etiquette

Employees and leaders who practice professional etiquette in the workplace promote the guiding principles of treating each other with consideration and respect. While office etiquette seems simple, workplace manners can get complicated. A behavior that one employee believes is okay may not be acceptable with coworkers or in certain work environments.

View Practicing Business Etiquette [PDF]

Recognizing and Overcoming Communication Barriers

Learning the barriers to effective communication will not only help improve your communication, but also your overall quality of life.

View Recognizing and Overcoming Communication Barriers [PDF]

Points to Ponder

• Ask questions about situations for which opinions differ. Be slow to defend your position and eager to learn as much as possible about the  opposite position.
• Give credit to the people responsible for driving a successful project.
• Become mindful of your use of language. To be perceived as approachable, it takes four positive statements for every critical statement.
• Hit the pause button when you are angry. Turn inward to understand your reaction. Talk to a trusted associate before acting.