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Monthly topic: How to manage financial stress in a healthy way

Seeing higher prices at the grocery store can cause moments of panic for anyone. But is your constant worry about money beginning to negatively impact your wellbeing? Carebridge’s Oct. resources focus on evaluating and managing your financial stress in a healthy way.

  • On-Demand Webinar: Managing Your Finances Paycheck to Paycheck (Available starting Oct. 1)
    Are you tired of scrambling for cash a few days before your next paycheck? Do you have money set aside for emergencies? Are you working on major financial goals like paying for your children’s college education or your retirement? Join us for this very practical and actionable webinar on budgeting. Learn how to create your budget, set financial goals, and then find the money to fund them.
  • A Financial Wellness Check-up in 11 Steps [PDF]: Wellness, at its core, means being in a good place. It can apply to a person’s physical, mental, and even financial state. And yes, as nebulous as the concept might seem, a person’s wellness can be measured.
  • How to Manage Financial Stress [PDF]: Financial stress can disrupt your physical and emotional wellbeing. It can negatively impact relationships and your sense of security. Here we share our top tips for managing your financial stress in a healthy way.

  • Points to Ponder

    • Do you frequently worry about having enough money?
    • Is inflation causing you to change your spending habits?
    • Take our Financial Wellness Check-Up below.
    • Financial counseling is available through Carebridge. Call us to learn more.